Pete Bluett Sculpture Where Piccaso meets Minute Lube


Most Popular Pieces: (Firing and glazing included)

            One lump gnome  $16
                Two lump gnome  w/prop $30
                     Four lump bust or 3/D gnome $40
                          Eight lump bust or 3/D gnome w/legs $60

Or you can call me (503) 313-5673
Give me your budget , tell me what you want, send me pictures...
and be in .jpeg to

I think that my pricing is really simple until I try to explain it to anyone.  There are only three styles; Flat back ; Bust or Statue ; and Bas Relief  The Bas Relief are really flat back images on a backing sheet.  My problems develop when I explain that the carvings can be sold without firing if they are going to be displayed indoors and not going postal anywhere.  Now add to that  that instead of using small, medium , and large ,  I use " lumps" ( approx 5 oz wet clay ) as the measure which really distorts measurment with any sort of standard tool like a ruler . And since the choices for flat back are"one lump", " two lump" , "four lump" .The round back are based on the same size, wt. scale so to let customers evaluate the differences they should be one, two, and four, except that they have backs that make them two , four and eight lump creatures with bodies that make them eight, sixteen and thirty two lump final pieces. You may add gnome bodies to any of the flat faces or busts for $4 .  You put any of the faces on a mug or a backing sheet for $6 ; or a bowl for $9 .  Or you can just send me pictures , tell me what your budget is , and be surprised. Mailing $8 ( plus $2/ lump up to 10 lumps) Questions?   Call Pete (503) 313.5673 or
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